Typically, paper bags are applied in a wide range of fields such as in fashion, jewelry, electronics, food, household appliances, etc. So in this article, we will walk you through 10 most common questions that customers ask to print paper bag.

1. How are the paper bags checked at Khang Thanh?

A flawless paper bag should not present even small mistakes such as overflowed glue, torn bottoms, unstable straps, wrong color printing, etc. Therefore, we want to make sure those bags are inspected as thoroughly as possible before they reach the customers’ hands.

There are many criteria for evaluating a standard paper bag depending on the manufacturer. 

1. 1 Glue for the paper bag

Conducting the durability of glue is an indispensable step in production. Since paper bag sheets are basically kept with adhesive,  the glue used must be strong. Testing the strength and durability of paper bags is very important. This practice help customers determine the weight of the product that the bag can contain.

Paper bags produced at Khang Thanh are closely cared with the amount of glue used. If the glue is excessive, it can badly affect the product’s beauty. If there is not enough glue, the product becomes much more fragile.

1.2 Paper bag handles

Is there anything more frustrating than when you are holding a bag and the handle, suddenly falls out of place to end up with the contents scattered on the ground? We never want that mood killer to happen to you, so the handles need to be designed and tested to ensure reliability.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we ensure quality by conducting on-site testing of the strength of the handles for the most common types of bags such as cotton, ribbons, even paper handles, etc.

1.3 Print quality

During production, we use high-quality printers to fully transfer images from digital frames to physical products. However, we always recommend that customers should test samples before mass production to ensure that the details are in a proper position.

1.4 Packaging thickness

This is an important factor that you need to take into consideration. Customers always want flexible and sturdy paper bags. Each type of paper has a different level of strength. They can hold products weighing from 1kg to more than 8kg. 

2. How to print paper bags with standard brand colors and images?

To avoid color inconsistencies, we use Pantone or CMYK codes.

For example, if you need to print a paper bag with a logo, then you should provide us with the color code used in the current logo. By doing so, we can use accurate color tones in our designs.

If you’re still wondering how to distinguish Pantone, CMYK, or RGB colors, this article may help you out.

3. How to determine the appropriate paper bag size?

Your current product will determine the size of the paper bag. For example, if the product is 15cm wide, the paper bag should be slightly larger, around 19 cm or more to ensure smoothness when the customer takes the product out of the bag.

In case your business offers a wide range of products of different shapes and sizes, please provide us with the individual sizes and our team can advise on which sizes are the most appropriate.

4. How to know the exact number of paper bags to print out?

First, the business should decide how long would it take to the next packaging replacement – is there a plan to keep packaging inventories for 3 or 6 months? Or businesses that do it in a 12-month period? You will also have to consider how much space you have for storing bags. According to our experience, 3 months is a perfect phase.

One of the easiest ways to determine the appropriate number of paper bags is strictly following the below formula:
Number of sales per day x 30 days (average number of days in a month) x number of months that one design in circulation = Number of paper bags needed

For example: An average sale of 1,000 products x 30 days x 3 months = 90,000 paper bags to order

There will be many other ways to determine the number of paper bags to be printed. We are happy to help you choose the right number based on our experience working with other customers in the industry.

5. How to choose the printing method?

Bulk paper bags often required offset printing. Why?

The image quality is higher, sharper, and because the rubber pad is evenly applied to the printing surface.

  • Cost-saving: The more you print, the lower the price
  • Print time is very fast with large quantities, suitable for industrial printing
  • Make offset prints easily
  • Printouts last longer and are easier to maintain
  • You can refer to the 5 basic steps in the offset printing process to know more about this method.

Customers can just print a simple one-color logo on paper bags or print a lot of complex colors with different textures and images. The cost of printing will depend on the complexity of the printing process. However, we can print FREE paper bag sample according to your orders.

6. Does the cost change when printing different sides of paper bags?

The cost difference is following the complexity, the number of colors printed, and depending on the number of your orders. We will provide a completely free sample printout if the order is large enough.

7. What sizes of Khang Thanh can offer?

At Khang Thanh, we have many sizes of paper bags suitable for many fields and different uses. From retail, food, kitchen utensils, electronics to other industries.

If the customer already has a design file, the quotation process will be faster based on the design and quantity. On the contrary, if you need advice on suitable paper bag size, we are ready to offer different sizes and prices for types of bags according to quantity.

So if customers require a specific size for paper bags, contact us to get a custom quote.

8. How long is the paper bag production time?

Depending on the quantity of the order, production time will vary.

Before production, we will print a sample or make a 3D simulation so that customers can come to know better what the final bag will look like.

If the customer already has the design file or uses a non-printed paper bag, the production time will be faster. Please contact us to determine the most accurate production time.

9. What to do when ordering FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper bags?

FSC packaging means that the wood used as a packaging material is sourced from strictly managed forests for harvesting accompanied by maintenance and reforestation. Therefore, these packages are way more environmentally friendly than other types.

If you need paper bags according to FSC standards, Khang Thanh can supply many different types of FSC paper. Or simply you need an international standard packaging company such as ISO, BSCI, Walt Disney ILS, etc,. we are happy to accompany you as well.

paper bag manufacturer in Vietnam

10. If we already have the bag design file, how to check it thoroughly before getting it printed?

The design team at Khang Thanh can support customer’s needs following the complexity of the design.

  • Content and images: Is there any typo? Is the image reasonable? Is there any unreasonable content?
  • Fonts: Does the font look nice? Size, color, or errors related to alignment and format.
  • Color: Is the level of color deviation appropriate? Is this color good? Does it need to change color parameters or not?
  • Graphic symbols
  • Margins, layouts, letters alignments

In general, the paper bag production process is similar to other paper packaging products: paper box, labels, POSM … you can learn more about the packaging production process here.

As a packaging manufacturer of more than 15 years of operation, Khang Thanh Packaging has served a lot of customers both domestic and international with a wide range of categories of products to help them choose the outstanding packaging. We are happy to recommend good suggestions and support you with different kinds of paper bag products. 

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